Bridging the Gap – in progress: Takeaway

Reports from the production of this year's Bridging the Gap short documentaries, part 1

Chinese takeaway is one of the most popular carry-out foods in the UK. However, working as a takeaway driver might not be the most delightful job. Through the eyes of a takeaway driver, we are not only able to look at the world beyond the takeaway counter, a mysterious catering community that provides our familiar late-night snacks, but also at the city we thought we knew everything about.

Here are some pictures from the shoot for this film:


DoP David Lee (left) and director Yu-Hsueh Lin (right) enjoying a dinner break at the takeaway, the driver Jerry watching telly and not hungry at all.


Shooting in progress. A tight shot of Jerry the driver in front of the takeaway shop!


We are experimenting with the camera-on-car rig! The producer Grant Keir sitting in the car and probably thinking about what to eat for breakfast.