Stem Cell Revolutions

Stem Cell Revolutions is an independent, feature length documentary exploring the history, development and ambitions of this fascinating field - from the first discovery of stem cells in the body to leading current clinical and scientific developments.

The result of a close creative collaboration between scientist Clare Blackburn (University of Edinburgh) and filmmaker Amy Hardie, Stem Cell Revolutions features eminent international figures in stem cell research – including Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans and Sir Ian Wilmut, creator of Dolly the sheep – as well as acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood. Beautiful hand-drawn animations bring science to life on the big screen.

Director Amy Hardie is Head of Research at Scottish Documenary Institute and directed the acclaimed The Edge of Dreaming:

"Last night the film had its first London screening, hosted by Dr Clare Blackburn and Professor Coffey, of the London Project to cure Blindness. I couldn’t be there as I was filming all day but I loved the feedback we got.

For some people in the audience it was the first time they had really, really understood stem cells. Me too. Maybe that is why it is sensible to do the counter-intuitive thing of making sure that the director is not a stem cell scientist. If I understand it, so will the audience. People loved the animations (thankyous to the amazing Cameron Duguid) and I particularly liked Pete Coffey’s response; he loved seeing the history of stem cells, after focusing on his own essential area (this man is working to cure macular degeneration) all this time."

If you want to really, really know about stem cells visit where you can also request a screening or join the site and follow the film.

We will be developing further audience and public engagement through our Virtuous Circle project in the coming months. Amy Hardie is developing a new documentary, Anatomy of Consciousness.

[Updated in September 2011 to show the new film title and website.]