Stay the Same

Stay the Same is an experimental film project by Sam Firth funded by the UK Film Council and Creative Scotland. Sam is filming herself every day at exactly the same time in exactly the same place for a year where she lives on Knoydart, a remote Scottish peninsular only accessible by boat. The project is about our relationship with time, nature, and place.

This blog is a record of the process, a collection of related work, and responses to the project from friends, family, other artists and filmmakers. A shared insight into our perceptions of time and modern living.

If you would like to submit a response please see the invite below.

An invitation to participate

I am collecting people's personal and creative responses to the ideas behind this project which is about our relationship to nature and the passage of time. The project is an attempt to capture the experience of time, a year of life in one viewing. To stand still each day while time flows around me.  It is partly a reaction to the pace of modern living and the desire to speed up life whilst wanting to deny the inevitibility of death and ageing.

I am keen to move beyond my own personal experience and start collecting other peoples thoughts and experiences as I have found people’s responses to the project and the ideas behind it incredibly varied and fascinating (see Creating a Living Notebook).

I would like to invite you to participate in this project by contributing a response in some way.

I am leaving it purposefully very open. Your responses can be to any aspect of the project, it can be of any size or length and be in any form. It can be creative, personal, intellectual, philosophical or abstractical! It can be film, text, image, poem, handicraft, sung, knitted, doodled or a few words scrawled on the back of an envelope . . . .

Responses will be published on this web space which will stay live until June 21st 2012 then may become part of this or a larger piece of work. By sending a response you are agreeing to it’s use in this way, so please state if and how you would like to be acknowledged.

The deadline is the end of March 2012.

Please send your responses to [email protected] or by post to:

Sam Firth
PH41 4PL

Thank you in advance for participating and do subscribe to the blog.