SDI Director talks about LOVE

Noe Mendelle on Bridging the Gap: Love, and a challenge to applicants to make a meaningful connection to the theme.


After 15 years we feel we can shout loud how legendary Bridging the Gap is for short documentary filmmakers. Year after year we get feedback that it's a unique opportunity for an intense creative documentary focus in the beautiful setting of Edinburgh, with generous and experienced tutors! Last year we explored Rebellion, so we are now ready to embrace the ambiguities and challenges of telling stories about Love.

Love defines us and shapes our society.

Love may not be a word jumping out of the news recently, and yet every time I watch footage of shattered lives coming out of Syria, I am reminded of the ways in which human beings endure conflict through their ability to love. Martin Luther King once wrote: “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” and I would add that we as human beings are defined by acts of love or the lack of it.

Diversity, respect and empathy

Through love we can express our diversity, respect, and ability to empathise. Fifty years ago the Summer of Love was the first international protest where Love became the flag for peace but also the opportunity to dream a different world, where we are all accepted regardless of colour, gender, sexuality and religion. It was when the personal became political.

It does not matter if the stories you are going to propose are today’s headlines or just a note under your loved ones’ pillow, it matters that the meaning is shared by all of us. We look forward to filmmakers connecting Love to fundamental human experience and creating something timeless and even mysterious that can touch the widest audience.

A reminder about the call:

With support from Creative Scotland and Northern Ireland Screen, Bridging the Gap is open to early-career filmmakers across Scotland and Northern Ireland. The call for applications is now open and will close on Thursday 5th October with the commissioned films premiering at Edinburgh International Film Festival next June. Full details on the initiative and how to apply can be found at HERE.