Clever Stunt or Rapid Response Documentary Genius?

According to his Twitter biog, writer, director and comedian Vito Gesualdi "directs weird video game trailers". Recently he's channeled his many talents into producing a rather clever short YouTube documentary about a clash between anti-fascist protestors and Trump supporters in Berkeley, California. Ben Cohen of The Daily Banter (where we found out about Vito and his exploits), describes it as "the greatest thing on the internet right now." 

We're keen to share this, not just because it ties in nicely to our current Bridging the Gap theme of Rebellion, but it also shows how quickly a mini documentary can be turned around. Vito uploaded it to YouTube on the day of the protest, which took place on Saturday 15 April, according to the Guardian.

There's clearly a strong concept behind the video, which satirises a recent controversial Pepsi advert in which Kendall Jenner heals a divided America with a can of the sugary soft drink. Vito is adamant, on his YouTube channel, that he's not affiliated with the alt-right and that it's not really an endorsement of Pepsi. It's now had more than 2.7 million views, so it's definitely a good way of getting a short film like this in front of an audience, and maybe we will see this charming, bolshy, brave filmmaker flourish in the near future? Or maybe we'll just be playing his weird video games...