Greece: Days of Change


In a time of recession, three Greeks try to take control of their own destinies. Could this crisis give us an opportunity to re-invent ourselves and our society?

We follow Giorgos in his search to find the strength to overcome his difficulties and put his life back together after he became homeless. We watch Grigoris move his family from the city in search of a better life. Lastly, we meet Ilias, an influential figure in the activist volunteer group behind the "potato movement" that challenges the commercial foods supply chain, practising solidarity and direct democracy, and making an impact on society as a whole.

As the economic crisis deepens, Greece is at the forefront of change, and the initiatives implemented there could soon be seen in many other countries. Our protagonists are here to give us courage and strength.


Director and Producer - Elena Zervopoulou
Cinematography - Elias Adamis and Elena Zervopoulou
Editor and Sound Design - Kenan Akkawi
Music - Drog_A_Tek
Production Company - One Vibe Films
Length - 
78 minutes
Date of Premiere - 
UK Distribution - 
Scottish Documentary Institute


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