Donkeyote Star Speaks to SDI

We popped over to Hot Docs, North America's largest documentary film festival and we managed to catch up with Gorrión, who plays the animal lead in Donkeyote, which received its Canadian premiere at the festival.




Gorrión, we LOVE your movie. Did you enjoy filming it?

Manolo and I are friends and we walk together many miles all the time. During the shoot Chico (the director) kept telling me “you’re a natural, keep doing what you’re doing” - and that kept me going, if you ask me. So, yes I enjoyed it, at least while the weather was nice!


Tell us about your relationship with water?

Water scares me. I don’t really want to talk about it. Manolo sweet talks me into all kinds of things. He calms me down. But I think I calm him down too.


Yes, I think we can see that in the film. Also, congratulations on the awards you’ve won! The Audience Award at Festival de Cine Espanol Malaga and the Prix Luna at Festival L'Europe autour de l'Europe in Paris.

Yes, I’m very proud of this. I’m an Andalusian donkey and to win in Malaga was great. I got an extra portion of grass that week. Manolo is good that way.


What about Zafrana?

What about her?... she’s a dog. She barks too much. Especially when I’m, how shall I put it, taking my time making a decision? But we get on ok, normally.


Where does the film go next?

Documenta Madrid, 6th, 7th, 8th May. The final Hot Docs screening in Toronto is on the 7th.


Talking about Hot Docs: There’s another donkey film screening - ‘Do Donkeys Act?’. How do you feel about that?

What do they mean, can donkeys act? I’m living proof of that, surely? I think it’s a lovely film and it’s good that donkey stories are finally being told. I would love to meet these donkeys sometime. We owe it to Balthazar!


And finally Gorrión, can I ask a personal question? ...Are you microchipped?

I’m not a millennial. I don’t like this surveillance stuff and tracking my every move. I don’t easily get lost. I know where the good grass is.


Thank you Gorrión, pleasure to speak to you.

Neigh bother.