Crossing the Line with Mila Turajlic

Non-Aligned Newsreels: Fragments #4, a live documentary performance by filmmaker Mila Turajlic.

The French Institute in Edinburgh / 20th April / 6pm / Sliding scale ticketing £4/£8 >> TICKETS HERE

With Non-Aligned Newsreels: Fragments #4 (2023, 60 mins), Mila Turajlic invites the audience into a process of confronting archival material which has fallen out political narratives. The starting point is the recovery of a trove of reels kept in the vaults of the Yugoslav Newsreels in her hometown, Belgrade. Footage filmed by Yugoslav cameramen starting from the 1950s across a decolonising world takes us within the ranks of the Algerian Liberation Movement and FRELIMO, to newly-independent countries such as Mali and Tanzania, and the foundational gathering of the Non-Aligned Movement which took place in Belgrade in 1961. Layering this ‘resurfaced’ footage with oral histories, sound recordings and personal archives into a confessional speculation, Turajlic performs the challenges of giving voice to unfulfilled political projects. The live ‘excavation’ opens a space where she and the audience journey together exploring the poetics of the fragmentary.

Mila Turajlic, born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, is an award-winning filmmaker and visual artist whose documentary works draw on a combination of oral histories, film archives and found footage to fabricate a new reflexive language that confronts memory and ruins with the disappearing narratives of history. Her most recent project, the documentary diptych NON-ALIGNED & CINÉ-GUERRILLAS: SCENES FROM THE LABUDOVIC REELS – an archival road trip through the birth of the Third World – premiered at TIFF and IDFA in autumn 2022. Works from her long term artistic research project NON-ALIGNED NEWSREELS were curated for the 2022 Berlin Biennale, IDFA on Stage and international exhibitions, including MoMA New York 2018 landmark exhibition on Yugoslav modernist architecture.

Images: Non-Aligned Newsreels: Fragments #4. Courtesy of Mila Turajlic.

This event is part of our Crossing the Line programme: a series of conversations with filmmakers who challenge the boundaries of documentary cinema.

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20 April 2023, 06.00PM - 07.30PM


French Institute - Edinburgh