Bridging the Gap FAQs

With only days to go until the deadline for applications we thought we'd soothe your mind with a quickfire round of FAQs, here we go!



You ask for visual material to be submitted with the proposal, how much are you looking for?

Not much, a few shots of your main character talking or an example of the filmic style you have in mind for your project. It doesn’t have to be polished and perfect, it’s just to give us an idea of your access/personality/style!


I see BTG is for "emerging" filmmakers - does that mean there's an age limit?

No. You may be an emerging talent in the field of documentary but have had several careers before that and that’s totally fine for us. Applicants should be over 18 years old though.


I don't come from a documentary background, is that ok?

Absolutely! As long as you have made a short film (or creatively contributed to one) before, you are eligible to apply whether it was a fiction, a documentary, an experimental, a factual or an animated short.


Why don't you accept applications from students?

Bridging the Gap is time consuming which clashes with students’ obligations. We are also unable to accept applications from students in full-time education for funding reasons.  


What sort of documentaries do SDI make?

More than a specific genre, we are looking with ambitious ideas, filmmakers with a vision and creative ideas exploring the documentary form, all of documentary forms!


What is creative documentary?

Don’t get us started! The best thing is probably to watch some of our previous Bridging the Gap films (HERE) or read about the projects we’ve been involved with to get an idea of what creative documentary means to us.


My idea isn't about Love but I'd really like to take part, should I still apply?

Love is a broad theme. Are you sure that your idea doesn’t in any way relate to Love?


How much time will I need to invest if I am selected?

Bridging the Gap is an intensive training programme. If shortlisted, you must make a commitment to attend our compulsory weekend workshops (dates included in our guidelines). Be also prepared to rework your written proposal many times and to edit different versions of your trailer. If commissioned, you will need to film, edit and deliver your short film within a period of 4 months.


How long do you have after being commissioned to deliver the film?

Commissions will be decided early January 2018 and films should be delivered by May 2018.


When is the deadline?

Thursday October 5th.


Where do I apply?