About the film – At Home in the World

An intimate and poignant look at a school for refugee children in Denmark.

Shot over the course of a year in a Danish school run by the Red Cross, At Home in the World offers a moving glimpse into the lives of five children struggling to learn a new language while adjusting to life in new surroundings. As they await the outcome of their family’s asylum claims, some of the children thrive and build friendships despite their traumatic pasts; others have difficulty containing their fears and sense of alienation.

With astonishing restraint, the film captures its young protagonists’ extraordinary resilience and fragility – while quietly paying tribute to their teachers’ remarkable humanity.

Director: Andreas Koefoed
Producers: Sara Stockmann 
Year: 2015 
Production Company: Sonntag Pictures 
Length: 58 minutes 
Date of UK Premiere: September 2016 
UK Distribution: Scottish Documentary Institute