A Good American


Bill Binney was the best codebreaker in US history. After the Cold War, he developed a revolutionary surveillance tool called ThinThread that was cheap and efficient, and didn’t invade anyone’s privacy. He developed it right up until the NSA scrapped it - three weeks before 9/11. In its place NSA chose a surveillance system that generated profit and spied on its own citizens instead of its enemies. This system remains in place today.

A Good American tells one of the most important stories of the information society, and dissects the inner workings and ties of a politico-economic network whose reach goes way beyond America.


Director/DOP/Producer - Friedrich Moser
Senior Producer - Michael Seeber
Editing - Jesper Osmund, Kirk von Heflin
Music - 
Christopher Slaski, Guy Farley
Production Company - 
blue+green communication
Length - 
101 Minutes
Date of Premiere - 2016-01-07
UK Distribution - Scottish Documentary Institute


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