All about Take One Action

  • Scottish Films Galore!

    We're thrilled to see so many Scottish films out and about at international festivals and on your cinema screens!
    This week will see the world premieres of two of our brandnew Bridging the Gap: SHIFT films: Jimmy, by Martin Smith - a moving film about the tireless work of disabled rights campaigner Jimmy McIntosh, MBE, and The Perfect Fit, by Tali Yankelevich: It's about a part of the ballet world even Black Swan did not reveal to us: Who actually makes those uncomfortable point shoes? Well there's only one factory in the whole of UK, and one special shoemaker, as you will find out!  Bridging the Gap's key supporter has again been Creative Scotland, who recently launched their new film and arts funds, in case you haven't had a look yet.
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  • Can films change the world? - Paul Laverty

    Can films change the world? Last night Paul Laverty in his masterclass organised by Scottish Documentary Institute for the Take One Action film festival made a passionate case for us to think about it. His speech, at times a mere whisper, is loud and clear in his message. It is inspiring to have a screenwriter to be ideologically driven by social justice and to be so humble and acknowledge that it is a privilege as a filmmaker to select our characters and through their eyes discover new realities and truths.

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